Recycle your undies

A few months ago, I started a search for a more sustainable underwear option. Man-made materials weren’t cutting it for me any longer. They weren’t wicking moisture away (in Texas you sweat everywhere) and the seamless pairs were constantly slipping, causing me to pull up my underwear at inopportune moments.

I started my search for a natural material and landed on Knickey. Each pair is made from organic cotton and elastane for the stretchy parts. My pair of choice is the high-rise brief and I can’t recommend it enough.

The best part about Knickey is their recycling program. According to Knickey, 95% of textiles can be recycled and they make it easy for you to get involved. Knickey will send you a mailing label and you package up your worn out skivvies, tired panties, or never worn undies that don’t fit right and they will recycle them for you. In return, you get a free pair of Knickeys with your next order. Win-win!

Bonus! Looking for a mailing envelope? Recycle an Amazon mailer by taping your mailing label on top of the old one or flipping the mailer inside out before reusing.

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